Hey guys,

sorry that I’ve been neglecting your confessions. I’m finally on summer break so I’ll have time to keep up with this blog again!

If you could be so kind, however, to try and also send a couple image links that I could potentially pair with your confession, then I will be able to keep up better and things can run much smoother for the both of us! (:

I just feel bad about recycling googled images for multiple confessionns all the time (which sometimes makes me push off posting/making confession images, tbh) and it takes me a while to sift through all the random results that I find on my own, but you can definitely help me by making your own screenshots (I’m pretty sure HA! is still on Netflix or you can download it somewhere else?) or I’m sure you can search various HA!-related tags on tumblr and find something better than I can.

I really would appreciate the effort.

Thanks so much! I hope you all have a lovely day/night<3

- D